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Canyoning is an adventurous sport which requires the involvement of various techniques that may include walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, abseiling and swimming. It is basically done in remote or tough settings with natural surrounding which may require navigational, tract-tracing and various wild travel aptitudes. Canyons are the gorges with perfectly etched walls or alluring waterfalls. This adventure sport varies from being basal to extremely tough, however, prominence in the sport is usually on fun and aesthetics.

Canyoning in Nepal is considered one of the extreme sport you ought not to miss during your trip here. Presence of the fresh waterfalls framed among the profound crevasses makes Nepal the perfect havens for the inveterate water adventure seekers. Canyoning in Nepal is an astonishing full body and mind experience that empowers you to explore the forbidden venues in the Himalayas. Canyoning can be done by people of almost all ages; all you require is a feeling of adventure and a tad of gusty. Since canyoning requires a moderate level of fitness one needs to be physically fit enough to meet the criteria of canyoning. You must also have certain knowledge about the use of canyoning gears that may include climbing equipment, rope harness, helmets, wetsuits, climbing shoes and rope backs. Your safety relies upon your acumen based on the skilled guideline, past experience and a practical evaluation of capacities and comprehension of current gorge conditions. The key features of canyoning in Nepal are stunning landscapes of immaculate wilderness alongside beautiful cascades dropping into invigorating pools underneath. Canyoning can also be combined with rafting, jungle safari or hiking.

Since Nepal is blessed with thousands of rivers and waterfalls, canyoning in Nepal has always been one of the most favored adventure sports. Although canyoning gained its popularity in Nepal since 2002, it acquired official organizational form only in 2007 after the establishment of Nepal Canyoning Association (NCA). Canyoning in Nepal is once in a lifetime experience. Some of the popular canyoning destinations in Nepal are Bulbule canyoning, Jalbire Canyoning, and Thakre Canyoning.


Bulbule Canyoning

Situated in Thansing, Kakani Bulbule canyoning lies in Nuwakot districts approximately 35 KM away from Kathmandu valley. As Bulbule canyoning can be easily accessed from Kathmandu, it is considered as the best canyoning destination around the valley with heaps of potentials for canyoning. The 40-meter high waterfall of Bulbule makes it a perfect canyoning destination for adventure enthusiasts all around the world. The key features of Bulbule canyoning are exploration of dense forest, lush green hills, breathtaking views of Himalayas and climbing through the grand waterfall. Here, Canyoneers can do both canyoning and trekking at the same time.


Jalbire Canyoning

Located between villages; Panch and Simaltal, Jalbire canyon lies within the Chitwan district. You can get an outrageous fun and stunning view at one of Nepal’s most wonderful canyon spot. This canyoning day trip is outstanding amongst other experiences in Nepal. The key features of canyoning at Jalbire are an exploration of grand cascades, rock slides and goliath jumping rocks and land in unblemished pools of turquoise water alongside jungle safari at Chitwan National Park. The encompassing wilderness makes the ideal view of Jalbire canyon. With 3 waterfalls at 25 meter and the absurd rough forming of Karstic aspects makes Jalbire a wonderful canyoning spot. Indeed, it is a standout amongst the most famous canyoning spot in Nepal.


Thakre Canyoning

Thakre canyoning is located around 40 Km away from capital Kathmandu in Dhading. Thakre canyoning with no doubt is one of the most thrilling and adrenaline pumping waterfalls in the area. One can relish the stunning waterfall views and hike around this area. With easy access from the capital city; Kathmandu, Thakre canyoning is an ideal destination for the adventure seeker.

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