Top tips for an eco­traveller! 


Our treks enable Epic Adventures guests to be part of an experience that encourages more environmentally friendly and sustainable travel overseas.  In this way, we are helping to promote eco­travel. We also believe that it’s important for our guests to help reduce any negative impacts they may have during their stay.   Generally, it is about being thoughtful and considerate to the local environment.  Think about the consequences of your actions.  Whilst you are a guest in Nepal, be aware of the environmental and cultural issues of that area and avoid activities and behavior that might be detrimental in the short or long term.   It is very easy to become complacent, and either pick up local bad habits or just return to your own (!).


However, please remember that you are a guest in someone else ’s country throughout your stay.


  •  Foreign travellers create huge amounts of rubbish, particularly plastic  packaging. Please dispose of your rubbish thoughtfully and carefully, use recycling bins where available, reuse plastic bottles and carrier bags, avoid taking disposable items with you and buy items that have minimal packaging.
  •  When trekking or walking do not wonder off the trails, keep as quiet as possible so as not to disturb the habitat, try not to trample upon / remove plants or animals and take all rubbish with you.• As tempting as it is to collect items from buildings, sacred sites and so on as souvenirs, resist all urges, leave it behind for others to enjoy and take photographs instead (if appropriate).
  •  Avoid purchasing products that further endanger threatened species and habitats.
  •  Support local industries and the local economy by buying local brands and eating local food.
  • Eco­travel is also about minimizing cultural impact, therefore please respect the culture and customs and do not partake in any activities that may be deemed as culturally inappropriate.
  •  Whilst taking photographs, check with a local person whether it is acceptable and consider people’s privacy.


Remember….How can you help?…. Tip……….“Take only photographs, leave behind only footprints”

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