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 Established in 2010 by a renowned travel enthusiast Shree Ram Adhikari, Epic Adventures is the home for travel lovers who are looking for the best deals for the best destinations. With almost a decade of experience in the field of organizing treks, expeditions, tours, adventure sports, mountain flights, peak climbing, and other touristic management, Epic adventures have guaranteed satisfaction and joy to almost all customers who have trusted us.

The only motto of Epic Adventures is to “explore more” hence we have a team of explorers who go on various expeditions in search of newer locations which can be a tourist destination not only in scenic beauty but also in safety. We believe it is a wonderful experience to observe the work of art of nature in its functioning without disrupting it. Adding to that, we make sure there is the social and economic growth of the community located in the travel location, promoting sustainable tourism by giving various job opportunities to the locals and even encouraging local businesses.

Without limiting ourselves to businesses, we have extended our helpful hands in social service. The construction of Primary School in Phulkharka, Dhading and the library has been efficiently and successfully overlooked by our company. We have promoted health and sanitation through an awareness program.

Epic Adventures values customer based service by providing the best hospitality to all clients. Our team of well-trained guides with fluency in the foreign language and the finest knowledge of travel and safety provide the most authentic information our clients need. The company chief himself accompanies the travel most of the time to make sure each of the customers is given paramount accommodations with top priority to safety and security for which the most advanced and certified trekking equipment and medical kits are made available.




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