Buddhist Triangle (India)

13 Days 12 Nights
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Buddhist Triangle Tour takes you to the four pilgrimage sites associated with the life of Lord Buddha, three of them being in India. This pilgrimage is a divine step in the life of every Buddhist that has been inspired to follow the path of Buddha. Buddhist Triangle Tour takes you Bodhgaya, Varanasi, Kushinagar, and Lumbini along with several other sites of Buddhism which offer unsurpassed tranquility and spirituality to the visitor’s mind.

Buddhist Triangle Tour starts with your arrival in Delhi, the capital city of India. During your stay in Delhi, you will be observing several tourist attractions such as Red Fort, Qutub Minar, and Humayun’s Tomb. After a brief stay in the capital, you fly to Patna, the administrative headquarters of the state of Bihar. Patna is an ancient city filled with many temples and museums showcasing various sculptures of Buddhism. After Patna, you drive to Rajgir, a place where Buddha delivered some of his most influential teachings. In Rajgir, you visit Griddakuta, the site where Buddha sat and offered to teach to his disciples and explore World Peace Pagoda and other prominent places. From here, the tour of the four major sites of Buddha’s life begins. You take the train to Bodhgaya where Prince Siddhartha meditated under the Bodhi Tree, attained enlightenment, and became Gautama Buddha. Sarnath, near Varanasi, is associated with Buddha’s first sermon on the Eight Paths. Then you head to Kushinagar where Buddha attained Mahaparinirvana. The India circuit is completed in Kushinagar. Now you drive to the Nepalese border and enter Nepal. In Nepal, you visit Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, which now completes the cycle of life of Lord Buddha. During this journey, you will be visiting many other holy temples, stupas, chaityas, viharas, peace pagodas, and caves. The lessons from the Buddhist monks and elders will guide you in your search for spirituality and inner peace.

Having crossed for many years in the travel business, Epic Adventures is a renowned company, best known for its quality of service. With constant guidance from our expert tour guides and company representatives, the Buddhist Triangle (India) Tour package that we offer will provide you an everlasting experience.

  • All accommodation in 3 star hotels in cities- twin sharing rooms
  •  All Ground transportation
  •  City tour guide
  • Full board meal 3 times a day during the trek and 3 cups of tea / Coffee
  • Airport pickup and drop
  • All Accommodation in lodge as per Itinerary
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Order by Our Company
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Monuments entrance fees in our
  • Laundry service / battery charge
  • Rescue / emergency and Travel insurance
  • Personal equipment’s and personal expenses
  • Tips for guide and porter





Day 01: Arrival Delhi

The trip begins with your arrival in Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi. Our company representative in Delhi will welcome you at the airport and then you will be transferred to the hotel for your overnight stay.


Day 02: Explore Delhi

After breakfast, our tour guide will meet you at the hotel premises. He will give the highlights of the day that includes the places the group is visiting and their brief history. Our company van will take you around Delhi stopping at authentic Indian places for lunch and snacks. In Delhi, you will be visiting some historic places like Qutub Minar, Humayun’s Tomb, Red Fort, India Gate, Lotus Temple, and see imposing buildings such as the Presidential Residence and the Parliament Buildings. Overnight in Delhi.


Day 03: Fly from Delhi to Patna: Buddhist Capital of Patliputra

Today, you leave Delhi and fly to Patna, an ancient Buddhist capital of Patliputra. Patna is the administrative center and the largest city of the state Bihar in India. Our company van will come to receive you at the airport from where you will be transferred to the hotel. Overnight in Patna.


Day 04: Explore Patna

After breakfast at the hotel, our tour guide will take you out to explore Patna. Goal Ghar, Buddha Smriti Park, and the old city of Patna are some of the best sites to visit in Patna. There are many other temples and museums in Patna which are a treat to watch. You will also visit the Patna Museum which has an amazing collection of the ancient Mauryan and Buddhist sculptures. Overnight in Patna.


Day 05: Drive from Patna to Rajgir and explore

Today you leave Patna and drive to Rajgir. Enjoy a pleasant drive on a wide road with large fields on each side. Rajgir is one of those places where Lord Buddha spent a significant amount of time teaching his disciples and meditating. Upon arrival in Rajgir and after some rest at the hotel, you visit the World Peace Pagoda built by a Japanese. You then visit Griddakuta, the holy place where Buddha used to preach. You later visit places like Ajatashatru’s fort, Bimbisara’s Jail, Swarna Bhandar, and some of the many hot springs and Jain temples around Rajgir. Overnight in Rajir.


Day 06:  Drive from Rajgir to Bodhgaya and explore

Your next stop of the tour will be Bodhgaya, which is 78 km away from Rajgir. Bodhgaya is the place where Lord Buddha is believed to have obtained enlightenment nearly 2500 years ago. It was under the Bodhi Tree here that Siddhartha Gautama attained supreme knowledge to become Buddha. Nearby the Bodhi tree stands the Mahabodhi Temple which is an immense attraction to the Buddhists and is also a UNESCO world heritage site. Overnight in Bodhgaya.


Day 07: Board a train to Bodhgaya to Varanasi

After breakfast at the hotel, you leave Bodhgaya and head to the train station to board the train to Varanasi, which takes about 4 hours to reach. Varanasi is located on the left bank of Ganga River and is one of the seven sacred cities of Hinduism. Enjoy the evening Arati at the bank of Ganga River. Overnight in Varanasi.


Day 08: Explore Varanasi

Today you will drive 10 kilometers north-east of Varanasi to reach Sarnath, situated near the confluence of the Ganges and the Varuna rivers. In Sarnath, you will visit the deer park where Gautama Buddha offered his first teaching after attaining enlightenment, and it is also the place where the Buddhist Sangha came into existence. After the exploration of Sarnath, you come back to Varanasi and visit its many ghats, shrines, and temples. You can also enjoy a boat ride in the Ganges. Overnight in Varanasi.


Day 09: Board train from Varanasi to Kushinagar

This is the last day of the train journey as you board the train from Varanasi to reach Kushinagar. Kushinagar is another pilgrimage center for followers of Buddhism as it is the place where Lord Buddha took his last breath. All pilgrimage sites in Kushinagar are associated with Buddha’s life and are concentrated in a small hamlet called Kasia. Overnight in Kushinagar.


Day 10: Explore Kushinagar

Kushinagar expresses the threads of all sects of Buddhism through its chaityas, viharas, temples, and monasteries. Mahaparinirvana Temple has a 6m tall statue of Lord Buddha reclining on his right side with his face towards the west. Excavated by Carlleyl in 1867, Nirvana stupa lies just behind the Mahaparinirvana Temple. Ramabharstupa—the cremation ground of Lord Buddha, Wat Thai Temple, and Japanese Temple are some other holy sites to visit in Kushinagar. Overnight in Kushinagar.


Day 11: Drive to cross Nepal India Boarder from Kushinagar to Lumbini (Nepal)

Today you leave India and drive to Nepal. After crossing the Nepal-India border in Sunauli, you make your way to Lumbini. Lumbini is the birthplace of Lord Buddha and is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. In case you have time, you can explore some of the many monasteries established in Lumbini by various countries following Buddhism. Overnight in Lumbini.


Day 12: Explore Lumbini, Drive to Kathmandu

There are so many sites to explore in Lumbini. Our tour guide will show you the sacred garden of Lumbini, Maya Devi Temple, Ashoka Pillar, and the Monastic Zone in Lumbini. You can see the ruins of the exact place where Buddha was born inside the Maya Devi Temple premises, which also houses the print of one of the first seven footsteps that Buddha walked immediately after his birth. You can also visit the World Peace Pagoda in Lumbini. You can observe the ancient monuments and witness the architecture reflected by every monastery in its unique way. Then you take a 7-hour drive to Kathmandu. Upon your arrival in Kathmandu, you will be transferred to your hotel for the overnight stay.


Day 13: Departure

The 13-day trip ends here. After a fulfilling breakfast at the hotel, you will be driven to the airport 3 hours before your flight schedule.

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