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To experience being air borne on the Ultra Light aircraft in Nepal, you will have to head off to Pokhara. This scenic town surrounded by spectacular hills and commands great views of mountain peaks.  It also has a giant lake and all the scenic places around it make it a great destination for traveling.


The Ultra Light aircraft is a small light weight airplane with an engine.  Once you have taken off in to the air, this aircraft, in the right conditions can switch off its engine and glide through the air almost like a hand glider. The cockpit can be either enclosed or open depending on the aircraft.  It gets its name for its light weight frame.


The Ultra Light flight gives you thrill and excitement of being in the air dependent on the wind, yet it does not involve any risk or danger. The flight has an engine to help with the landing process and can come handy if the weather decides to change. The cockpit has enough room for you and the pilot.


The Ultra Light flight is a great way to see spectacular mountain peaks and the earth below.


Departures daily –  just contact us for details

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