Kathmandu Valley Tour

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There is a strange charm to the hustling Kathmandu Valley that can never be completely expressed in words. From the mesmerizing hills giving an occasional view of the majestic Himalayas on the horizon to the diverse culture of the locals, the Kathmandu city is filled with wonders hidden to the outside world which can be relished in the Kathmandu Sightseeing Tour. And it is not just limited inside the valleys surrounding it are the tranquil hills of Shivapuri, Phulchowki amongst countless other destinations where nature meets culture making for a perfect destination for hiking.

There is a belief amongst the locals that any task performed after taking the name of God is sure to succeed. Adhering to the local belief, we begin our Kathmandu Valley Tour through the religious sites of Pashupatinath, Boudhanath, and Swayambhunath. The religious abode of Swayambhunath of the valley reached through 365 steps spanning through 13 rings of enlightenment boasts stunning views of the valley from up above in midst of the spiritual tranquility surrounding the place.  Witnessing the resonating prayers and insurmountable faith of the locals at Pashupatinath we divert to reach Boudhanath on the Kathmandu Sightseeing Tour. A whole lot of historical goodness awaits us as we continue on the day trip to Kathmandu and Patan Durbar Square. The courtyards of ancient kings bejeweled with temples and monuments dating back centuries where each intricate carving on the wooden panel tells a story long now limited only in thick books of history. Reliving the way of the ancients we head towards the fabled courtyards of Bhaktapur Durbar Square adorned with chilies and grains laid out for drying in the sun. Taking a dip in the culture and history, we head towards the fabled Changunarayan Temple on the Kathmandu Valley Tour, where history meets religion. The temple built as an homage to Lord Bishnu houses some of the oldest written manuscripts in its stone tablets.

The city of Kathmandu is best traveled with someone who knows it best.  We here at Epic Adventure Treks are as fond of the city as excited you are to see it and with experience dating back years, we will make sure your journey is a memorable one.

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